Daniel Miller Puppies R Us Discusses Having Healthy Puppies

Daniel Miller Puppies R Us

July 4, 2021

Daniel Miller Puppies R Us Discusses Having Healthy Puppies


If you are going to breed and sell puppies, either as a hobby or as a business, it is critical that they are happy, even-tempered, and most of all healthy. Otherwise, your reputation will suffer greatly. Learn what it takes to keep your puppies healthy, happy, and with a good temperament from puppy guru Daniel Miller Puppies R Us.

Know What You Are Doing

According to Daniel Miller Puppies R Us owner and breeder, this is not something that can be done recklessly. You must know what you are doing and be prepared at all stages. Learn all you can about the breed you choose including their quirks and foibles. In doing this first and foremost, you will be a happy breeder. That will help to result in happy puppies.

Have a Veterinarian Available at All Times

This is especially true if it is one of your first couple of litters. A friendly vet can recognize problems at the time of birth and help solve them. Not only that but he or she can teach you to do the same for future litters. No matter how much experience you have, it is always a good idea to let the vet know when the mother is about to give birth. If an emergency arises, they can be ready. This advice comes from Daniel Miller Puppies R Us icon.

Health Check of Parents

This should be done prior to the breeding process. Healthy pet parents usually result in healthy puppies. Make sure you have a thorough health check of both dogs before you allow them to mate. If there are any significant issues, now is the time to discover them and nix the deal. Of course, this does not guarantee all puppies in a litter will be healthy, but it certainly increases the likelihood.

Nutritional Aspects

The female should be on a well-balanced diet from the start of the pregnancy, all the way through and after giving birth too. This is critical because for the first few weeks the puppies will be getting their nutrition from her. Daniel Miller Puppies R Us expert owner says that, once the puppies start to eat solid food, they also must receive proper nutrition. Your veterinarian can advise you on specifics.

Be Ready for a Full-time Commitment

If you have determined you want to breed dogs, you need to be ready to devote plenty of time to the puppies. Do not forget the mother, she will need extra love too. She will also need to have time alone with her babies. That said, if you just leave the puppies to themselves without ever showing them affection and kindness, they will never be accustomed to human touch. That will result in mean, unresponsive puppies that are difficult to handle. You can do this successfully if you follow the advice of Daniel Miller Puppies R Us.

Important Note:

Every single one of our puppies is seen by a veterinarian and checked for health, plus given all vaccinations, prior to leaving to go to a new home. Additionally, each puppy receives a veterinarian-issued health certificate written and signed by the vet who is licensed. The vet ensures each puppy is healthy and Puppies R Us gives a 30-day guarantee of health for it. This guarantee must always be signed by both the seller and the buyer.